"Anyone can die at any time" in The Last of Us

“Anyone can die at any time” in The Last of Us

The series does not follow the course of the video game to the letter, so… no one is safe!

We may be waiting a long time for the second season of The Last of Us, HBO’s event series, since the writers’ and actors’ strike is set to last… But its co-creator, Craig Mazin, assures that the patience of the fans will be rewarded. Interviewed by the HollywoodReporter on the success of the first season broadcast this year, and on the making of its sequel, he assures that the public will be surprised, even those who have played the game!

“Anyone who has played The Last of Us then who saw the first season of our series know that sometimes, we take exactly what was happening in the game… and that at other times, we offer totally different things. If you plan to design a series for as long a period as we (he speaks during this same interview of a 4-season objective, editor’s note), you build your main plot around actors who may at some point charge you too much money, or start getting bad reviews… then you can kill off their characters. It’s not what we do at HBO, but it exists. In short, anyone can die at any time as far as I’m concerned.”

Even Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) are not safe from a sudden disappearance? This is what Craig Mazin clearly implies!

The Last of Us: Season 2 will not be the last!

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