Contents of Première n°543: Jonathan Cohen, the Tapie series, Avatar, Justine Triet, Michel Gondry, One Piece...

Contents of Première n°543: Jonathan Cohen, the Tapie series, Avatar, Justine Triet, Michel Gondry, One Piece…

The September issue hits newsstands this Wednesday.

Summer isn’t quite over, but the return to cinema is already getting ready!

He made us laugh in Serge le Mytho or in The flamehere he is again in a tailor-made comedy on Prime Video entitled Sentinel. Then jonathan cohen will be at the heart of Quentin Dupieux’s new films, Daaaaaali!and by Eric Tolédano and Olivier Nakache, entitled A difficult year. Without forgetting the dramatic comedy Making-of, by Cedric Kahn. The actor has had an incredibly busy year, and he talks about all his projects in this n°543 of First.

Sentinel: Jonathan Cohen Leads a Double Life (Trailer)

Also on the program, a focus on the back-to-school event film, Anatomy of a fall, which received the Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival. We met its director and co-author -with her companion Arthu Harari- Justine Triet. Said Bin Saidthe producer of the new film by Catherine Breillat, Last summerbut also of The Shroudsthat just turned David Cronenbergg, also talks to us about his eclectic career choices, just like Michael Gondrywho looks back on all of his filmo on the occasion of the theatrical release of a very personal work: The Solution Book.

First also offers portraits of Lea Druckerjust back in a chilling role for Catherine Breillat, and Ramata-Toulaye Sywho conquered the Croisette with his beautiful first film, Banel & Adama. As well as a focus on Avatar and its sequel, now both visible in a superb box set on blu-ray, and another file devoted to series carpet on Netflix, driven by a Laurent Lafitte in great form.

The editorial staff also invites you to come back to the 2023 cinema summer, exceptional in terms of receipts, in particular thanks to “Barbenheimer”but also deeply upset by the writers’ and directors’ strike that has been going on since May in Hollywood.

On the critical side, in addition to the films mentioned above, we present to you Hypnotic, Midwives, Acid, The little, Dead leaves, The beauty of the gesture… As well as’Agent Stone Or Antigang: the next generation, current event broadcasts in streaming. In series, focus on season 2 of The Bearalways so successful and discovery ofAhsokathe new show Star Wars from Disney+.

Finally, it’s Marina Handsmember of the jury of the next Deauville festival, which this month lends itself to the game of “Movie that…”.

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Here is the editorial of this n°543:

Hollywood overtaken by reality?

Bryan Cranston shouting into the microphone: “We will not allow our jobs to be taken away and handed over to robots. » F. Murray Abraham who is picketing; Steve Buscemi, Christian Slater or Jessica Chastain who take the floor on Twitter (sorry… X) to assert their claims. We didn’t think we’d see that one day: extras and mega stars associated to shake Hollywood.

It has been forgotten in recent years, but the Mecca of entertainment, even if it is now owned by huge capitalist, even international conglomerates, has often had its heart on the left. And the most fascinating thing about what is happening in LA today is precisely to see the stars descending into the arena, joining the industry’s blue-collar workers to put some heart, flesh and conscience back into a flow of programs that tends more and more towards disembodiment…

Yes, this battle will have consequences. The actors and actresses, joining the screenwriters, have deserted not only the writing rooms, the film sets, but also the promotional spaces. The release calendar is already impacted, the series will be turned upside down… But if this movement is beneficial, it is because it reminds us that in the expression “dream factory”, there is dream, okay, but there is also the word factory. With what it implies in terms of social relationships, conflicts and… reality.

Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief

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