New trailer for Les Feuilles mortes, Aki Kaurismäki's touching melody

New trailer for Les Feuilles mortes, Aki Kaurismäki’s touching melody

The Finnish director received the Jury Prize at Cannes last May for this successful film.

Two lonely people meet by chance one night in Helsinki and each tries to find in the other their first, only and last love. Their path to this worthy goal is obscured by the man’s alcoholism, loss of a phone number, ignorance of each other’s names and addresses. Life tends to put obstacles in the way of those who seek happiness.

“When everything is sad to cry, love can save us. Aki Kaursimaki believe it.” Discovering Dead leaves on the Croisette, First was touched by the filmmaker’s new film, which has such a special atmosphere. Leaving the festival with the Jury Prize, the 66-year-old director, who had already caused a sensation before that with The man without a past Or The Match Girl, has once again made festival-goers laugh and cry thanks to this landmark film, for which Diaphana is unveiling the poster, as well as a second trailer, with a view to its cinema release on September 20. Watch the first video here.

The press release is accompanied by these few words from the Finnish filmmaker: “Even though I have now achieved dubious notoriety through rather violent and pointless films, my anguish over futile and criminal wars has finally led me to write a story about what might offer a future to the humanity: the desire for love, solidarity, respect and hope in others, in nature and in all that is alive or dead and which deserves it. I take my too small hat off to Bresson, Ozu and Chaplin, my household deities. However, I am solely responsible for this catastrophic failure.”

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