Contents of Première n°548: Dune 2, Iron Claw, Léa Seydoux, Matthew Vaughn, Todd Haynes, Masters of the Air...

Contents of Première n°548: Dune 2, Iron Claw, Léa Seydoux, Matthew Vaughn, Todd Haynes, Masters of the Air…

The February issue hits newsstands today. Here are the details.

Two years later, or rather “two to three hours later
the first
Dune » according to Denis Villeneuve, Timothée Chalamet takes head-on his destiny as a war Messiah in Dune: Part Two. The actor is on the cover of the new issue of Première, with his acting partner Zendayaand their director tells us about the promises and challenges of a colossal film, destined to reign over the Hollywood blockbuster desert.

In addition to this special file Dune 2, the editorial team offers you several meetings. With Matthew Vaughnfor example, the director of Kingsmanwhich returns with a spy comedy full of surprises: Argyle. For oncea trailer doesn’t show too much

Sean Durkin (Marcia May Marlene), who led Zac Efron And Jeremy White Allen In Iron Clawdetails the making of this heartbreaking tragedy, and Todd Haynes (Carol) tells us about his collaboration with Natalie Portman And Julianne Moore on May, December.

The team also offers you a tour of the filming of the new Wages of Fearcurrently in production at Netflix, as well as some focuses: on Laetitia Castaback in Happiness is for tomorrowof Brigitte Syon The beastambitious sci-fi film from Bertrand Bonellowith Léa Seydouxor even on Masters of the Airthe historical series derived from Band of Brothers, which is coming to Paramount+. The classic revisited this month is none other than Dead Zonethe successful adaptation of the book by Stephen King by David Cronenberg (which celebrates its fortieth anniversary).

On the critical side, in addition to the works cited above, First shares his opinions on The Last of the Jews, The Color Purple, Captives, The Bertrand farm, My part of Gauls, The Area of ​​Interest, They Shot the Piano Player, Daaaaaali!, Without ever knowing us
In streaming, zoom on Silent Nightof John Woo, Weird, the Al Yankovic Storywith Daniel Radcliffeor During the flightA Ocean’s Eleven on board a plane. The current series are True Detective – season 4, Griselda And Please.

As to “film that…”this month is Melanie Thierry which lends itself to the game.

Good reading !

Here is the editorial of this new issue:


We had for a moment imagined starting this editorial by discussing the Depardieu case. Talk again about #MeToo which shakes French industry, complaining about the flaws of the industry, dissociating the man from the artist, the bastard from the acrobat… And then our tired eyes landed on the golden cover of the magazine that you hold in your hands . And we suddenly remembered something essential. The Americans have a handy term for this: “escapism”. Ultimately, this is the function of cinema: to allow us to escape. Leave this planet for a few hours to discover new horizons. The Spice of Arrakis, the audacity of the bombers of Masters of the Airor the temporal paradoxes to which Léa Seydoux and Bertrand Bonello suit us.

This is the program of this issue, our proposals for lines of flight. Not sure that these films or series will prove much calmer than our daily lives, but at least they will transport us elsewhere. Pascal (the philosopher, eh, not the Big Brother nor the presenter) was talking about ” entertainment “these human activities “futile” which would allow us to escape our condition. We like him, but as another Pascal would say (the presenter this time, not the philosopher nor the Big Brother), we ” ask the question “ : when we see the news, is the stifling, even distressing reality really so “futile” to want, for an hour or two, to escape from our daily lives?

Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief

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