David Dastmalchian charged with “making the link” between Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve

David Dastmalchian charged with “making the link” between Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve

The two filmmakers had plenty of questions about each other, and since the actor worked on The Dark Knight and Prisoners…

Denis Villeneuve And Christopher Nolan have a lot in common. Beyond their obvious talent for directing, it turns out that one actor in particular regularly returns in their castings: David Dastmalchian. In the role of creepy fetishist in Prisoners or pale minion of House Arkonnen of Dune, David Dasmalchian takes advantage of his acting skills to multiply roles with the Canadian filmmaker.

He also played in The Dark Knightas well as a fateful score in the Dantesque explosion of Christopher Nolan In Oppenheimerwhere he performs William Borden. The two filmmakers reign supreme in the current cinematographic landscape thanks to their large, quality productions. As a reminder, Oppenheimer won the Oscars, with 7 statuettes on the clock and Dune: Part Two has been on the box office podium for several weeks with more than $581 million in worldwide revenue to date, obtaining excellent reviews.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, David Dastmalchian spoke about his collaborations with the two maestros. He explained that Denis Villeneuve was eager to ask him about the process of Christopher Nolan – and vice versa.

One of the first things that Denis Villeneuve asked me on set Prisoners was : “I want you to tell me about your experience on The Dark Knight. I want to know what it was like working with Christopher Nolan.” Then, ten years later PrisonersI am now back with Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer and he tells me how much he loves Denis Villeneuve's work. So, I am a common thread between these two artists! In a way, I connect them, and I find it an extremely fascinating part of my life,” he revealed.

David Dastmalchian continued his reflection on his long creative relationship with Christopher Nolan, reviewing the filmmaker's career. He says it's like “see the history of cinema being written”.

As a stage actor from Chicago, the first time I went on a movie set was for The Dark Knightand now, all these years later, I'm part ofOppenheimer and I can only see the impact of cinema on the public, culture, society and the history of cinema. I think it's a very important part of cinema history, and it made me very nostalgic.

David Dastmalchian is currently showing in Late Night with the Devil. A real success in the United States, the horror film does not yet have a French release. Here is its trailer:

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