Emily Blunt hates the notion of algorithms

Emily Blunt hates the notion of algorithms

“How can we combine art and content?”, annoys the actress starring in The Fall Guy.

On the cover of Vanity Fair Italian a few days before the release of The Fall Guy, Emily Blunt returned to the latest Hollywood excesses. Because ? His film, directed by David Leitchfeatures the filming of a blockbuster, in which the actress plays the director, Jodie Monero.

A film within a film which says a lot about the status of stuntmen, which infuses the main plot, but also about the workings of an industry which has changed enormously since the rise of streaming platforms.

When asked what she thinks about the state of Hollywood, the one who made her name in The devil wears Prada states:

“Some new things frustrate me: algorithms, for example. I hate that f*cking word, excuse the expletive! How can we associate art with content? How can we let it determine what will be successful and what Who won’t have one?”

“Let me give you an exampleshe continues, her remarks reported by Variety. I starred in a three-hour film about a physicist, which had the impact it did – the algorithms probably wouldn't have understood it. I hope that'Oppenheimer and other similar projects will not be considered anomalies and that we will stop translating creative experience into diagrams.”

Indeed, the last film of Christopher Nolan approached $1 billion at the worldwide box office, making it one of its biggest hits despite all the “defaults” commonly pointed out by algorithms (duration, R-rated classification, subject “serious”). It must be said that he was strongly pushed by the Barbenheimerthis good-natured competition which pitted him against the film of Greta Gerwig released the same day.

At the time, Emily Blunt praised this event, because it had encouraged many spectators to go to the cinema: “(…) Look at the benefits that this has brought to cinema. Look what it did for people. It was a joyful celebration thanks to this diversity of films”. The interpreter of Kitty, the wife of the father of the H-bomb, was therefore already campaigning for a non-monochrome, daring, adventurous Hollywood.

Emily Blunt celebrates Barbenheimer: 'We have to make this happen again'

For his part, Christopher Nolan himself said half-heartedly that he did not believe in algorithms:

“The audience's desire to be surprised, to see something new, to see something they didn't know they wanted, has always been the most powerful force in theatrical cinemaconfided the director to the magazine Empire. So it was wonderful to see that this year.”

If Emily Blunt rejects algorithms altogether, Ryan Gosling makes a point of avoiding projects that are based on their calculations. He also on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia, the actor recognizes a certain merit of this method, while redefining the role of the actors:

“You can't beat an algorithm at your work. And paradoxically, that forces me to be more human, to choose projects 'handmade' as The Fall Guywhich is based on our personal experiences, our imprints and our stories, which we integrated into the characters.”

The Fall Guy will be released in theaters on May 1st. Here is the trailer:

Emily Blunt, big fan of The Nice Guys: she would love to have a cameo in the sequel!

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