Yellowstone will have "the best finale in the history of the series"

Yellowstone will have “the best finale in the history of the series”

While fans have been waiting for almost three years, Ian Bohen, the actor playing Ryan, promises a historic finale.

The return to Montana is fast approaching. And even if we still have to wait a few months before being able to find the Dutton family – heroines of the series – the fifth and final season of Yellowstone will visibly live up to expectations. Ian Bohenthe interpreter of Ryan, a ranch worker, is convinced the finale will be the best.

Present at the space dedicated to the series at the Stagecoach music festival, where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the western, the recurring actor was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and bragged about the conclusion of Yellowstone :

“The fans will have the best finale that could be written. Everything will be done perfectly as it should. There are so many series that end and… they don't satisfy us. There, it will end in a way that makes sense.”

While the finale of Game Of Thrones years later still leaves a bitter taste for fans, that of Yellowstone will be, on the contrary, perfect – and this despite the departure of its star, Kevin Costnerwho went to play cowboys in the first chapter of his western fresco, Horizon: An American Sagascreened this year at the Cannes Film Festival:

“We will have the best finale in series history. Maybe I'm a little overconfident, but I think it will be. We thank everyone for their patience… it will be worth it, I tell you promise.”

Kevin Costner really wants to return to Yellowstone one day!

Since 2018, Taylor Sheridan's series has followed the fight of the Duttons, who face investors wishing to grab their land and that of an Indian reserve. The success was such that two spin-off series were created: 1883 And 1923 and two others are planned – 1944 And 2024 with Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar, The Dallas Buyers Club) and the potential return of the original actors. All these spin-offs explore the fate of the Dutton family at different periods in history.

To discover the finale so acclaimed by Ian Bohen you will have to wait until November 2024. Yellowstone is broadcast in France on Paramount +.

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