Disney is preparing 4K blu-rays of WandaVision, Loki, The Mandalorian...

Disney is preparing 4K blu-rays of WandaVision, Loki, The Mandalorian…

The studio no longer releases physical editions in Australia, but is still banking on its successful series digitally for the rest of the world.

This summer, we learned that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would be the latest blu-ray from Disney Studios to be released in Australia. Faced with the fall in physical sales, the studio will then test distribution in the country exclusively via VOD and streaming once their films are released in cinemas.

A strategy that worries moviegoers, including all those who appreciate the physical format. Especially under 4K UHD blu-rays, which offer good sound, quality images and often quite a few bonuses on the making of films or series.

This type of decision is particularly relevant since several streaming services have recently canceled series designed specifically for their platforms, before deciding to no longer broadcast them, due to lack of audience. Some then find themselves without legal offers, unavailable on platforms or on DVD. This is particularly the case of Willow, the series derived from the 1986 fantasy film, whose departure from Disney+ caused a lot of noise. Particularly because it cost the studio dearly: 100 million dollars, or 13 million per episode!

Shortly after this shock announcement, Disney revealed that it wanted to release blu-ray box sets of its successful Marvel and Star Wars series. Initially designed for Disney+, The Mandalorian, WandaVision and Loki will be entitled to their careful “steelbook”, each with making-ofs, deleted scenes, bloopers, comments from their creators and collectible postcards.

Season 1 of Loki will be sold from September 26, just before the launch of its sequel on Disney+, expected on October 6. WandaVision will then be offered on November 28, then the first two seasons of The Mandalorian will be on sale just before Christmas, on December 12.

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