Unhappy With Their Working Conditions, Marvel VFX Artists Want To Unionize

Dissatisfied with their working conditions, Disney VFX artists also want to unionize

“For nearly half a century, workers in the visual effects industry have been denied the same protections and benefits as their colleagues…”

August 29, 2023 Update : Marvel’s visual effects workers had already decided to unionize earlier this month. From now on, it is at the level of the Disney group that events are taking a significant turn. This Monday, 80% of the members of 18 VFX teams at Walt Disney Pictures voted in favor of unionizing. A historic decision, since the sector has remained non-unionized since its boom in the 70s and 80s.

“The courageous visual effects workers at Disney rose above their fear and the silence they kept, which kept our community from speaking out for decades. With an overwhelming majority within the teams demanding an end to VFX as we’ve always known it, it’s a clear sign that our demands are not limited to one studio. These are workers from across the industry”said Mark Patch, who initiated the VFX section for IATSE.

August 8, 2023: The strike of writers (WGA) and actors (SAG-AFTRA) which is currently disrupting Hollywood could extend to visual effects professionals and more specifically, to VFX artists working for marvel studios. Vulture reports that they have just voted in favor of the formation of a union for their sector, in order to better defend the rights of a category of workers who are essential to the cinema currently, but often overwhelmed by the increasingly growing demands of studios.

The announcement comes after a group of more than 50 employees came together to file a petition for an election. They want to be represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Employees (IATSE) – an entity that represents and protects workers in sectors such as artisans, technicians and general artisans in film, television and theater. This is the first time visual effects professionals have come together to demand wage protections, equal rights and overall fair treatment enjoyed by other industries.

In an official statement, Mark Patch, who initiated this VFX section for IATSE, made it clear that VFX professionals VFX have tolerated precarious working conditions for far too long, and it is high time they stood up:

“For nearly half a century, workers in the visual effects industry have been denied the same protections and benefits that their colleagues and peers have been able to count on since the beginning of the Hollywood film industry. a historic first step for workers VFX who come together with a collective voice demanding respect for what we do.”

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