Jonathan Cohen: “I dream of working with Justine Triet”

Jonathan Cohen: “I dream of working with Justine Triet”

Soon to appear in A Difficult Year, the new Toledano-Nakache, the star of The Flame is ready to change his status in the cinema.

Known to the general public for his roles as Serge the Mytho Or Mark of the Flame, jonathan cohen can he reinvent himself on the big screen? This is the question posed by the cover of the new issue of Première, currently on newsstands, dedicated to the 43-year-old actor.

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After SentinelSeptember 8 on Prime Video, where he plays a cop with a past as a charming singer, he will be starring in the new film by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, A difficult year (at the cinema on October 18), alongside Pio Marmaï and Noémie Merlant. The story of two over-indebted friends who find themselves propelled into the world of environmental activists. Then we will see him in the new Quentin Dupieux, Daaaaaali!and in Cédric Khan’s dramatic comedy, Making of.

Jonathan has something of an Italian hero“, explains Eric Toledano. “With him, everything becomes a little lighter, even when it’s serious. Exactly what we needed to be light on a serious subject.” Olivier Nakache adds: “Like most actors who come from comedy, he is keen to prove that he can be good in other registers, but that he also has the ability to release a certain melancholy through comedy..”

While keeping one foot in comedy, jonathan cohen therefore continues to expand its register, confirming the potential seen in Amanda, First vacation Or Huge. The character of Serge the Mytho, created by Kyan Khojandi and Navo for the series Blocked, did not close any doors to him. Quite the contrary. “It started it all“, Jonathan Cohen tells us. “When Mikhaël Hers hired me to Amanda, it’s because he is a fan of Serge le Mytho. Cédric Kahn for Making of, The same. Strangely, this character allowed me to approach a world of cinema that I thought was inaccessible.

The time for Tchao Pantin, or rather Ciao Mozarella, is approaching for JoCo. From now on, he no longer hesitates to appeal to the filmmakers with whom he wants to work: “I didn’t have that courage. But more and more, when I meet some of them, I dare to tell them that I would love for us to do something together. Recently, I did it with Katell (Quillévéré) of whom I am a very fan. And I would love to tour with Justine Triet.” Marc soon with the director ofAnatomy of a fall ? We want to see that.

The label “golri” sticks to him, yet it must be remembered that Jonathan Cohen was trained at the Conservatory, where he developed a passion for the great classical texts. Shakespeare, Chekhov and Racine. “We would both like to play Britannicus. But we can’t do this overnight! We must prepare the public“, smiles his friend Marina Foïs, who discovered him sixteen years ago on the stage of the Conservatory (“He was great“), well before giving him the answer in Mom or Dad 2 And Huge. “These days, he rereads Shakespeare on Sundays! It’s my only friend who does that, the others are more on Instagram! He would like to do theater again.

Rid of the feeling of illegitimacy that has long prevented him from believing that he deserves his place (“I said stop this bullshit“), the actor seems ready to take on the first major dramatic role that will definitely change his status.”I know that Justine Triet adores her, and that he dreams of working with her“, supports Marina Foïs. “There is depth, emotion, anger, politics in him. A point of view… Anyone who wants to look for another color at Jonathan’s will find it quite easily.”

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