Elysium 2: Neill Blomkamp still hopes for a sequel

Elysium 2: Neill Blomkamp still hopes for a sequel

The director would like to make a new film in the same universe as the first released in 2013.

Elysium is ten years old this year. This blockbuster directed by Neil Blomkamp (the man behind District 9 and more recently Gran Turismo) sets its plot in a dystopian future in which the Earth is overpopulated and over-polluted and where the ultra-rich have managed to exile themselves to an artificial paradise in orbit called Elysium. Secretary Delacourt, played by Jodie Foster, reigns with an iron fist over this paradise and makes a point of preserving its technological privileges (almost eternal life, eradication of diseases, pure air, etc.). The spectator is placed on the side of Max Da Costa (played by Matt Damon) an ex-con who tries to settle down but who, following exposure to deadly radiation, decides to do everything to go to Elysium and heal himself thanks to their miraculous technology. His personal quest will very quickly become that of the salvation of Humanity.

Neil Blomkamp recently revealed (via The Wrap) that he would be very enthusiastic about giving it a sequel. “I want to make a sequel toElysiumbecause I think thatElysium becomes more and more relevant as time passes”. Indeed, every year, the repeated heatwaves closely resemble the climate described in the 2013 film which is projected in 2154.

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The filmmaker specifies: “I wouldn’t mind making a sequel to this movie, but it wouldn’t really be a sequel. It would be more like another movie in that universe.” Let’s avoid any spoilers but it would be difficult to produce a coherent literal sequel given the conclusion of the film which perfectly completes the main character’s narrative arc. His independent film project of the first but sharing the same universe would indeed be more appropriate. His latest film Gran Turismoadaptation of the car racing simulation game is still available in cinemas.

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