One Piece: season 2 officially ordered by Netflix

One Piece: season 2 officially ordered by Netflix

Check out the video of the announcement by Eiichiro Oda himself… who also teases the arrival of Chopper!

It’s been awaited for several days and this time, it’s official: One Piece will return to Netflix. The streaming platform has just ordered season 2, through the voice of the creator Eiichiro Oda. Via his “snailphone”, the mysterious Japanese author of the manga addresses the “Straw Hats” and thanks “everyone who is a fan of One Piece for years and to those who discovered One Piece for the first time“.

He then continues with the good news: “Two weeks after the launch, I just received excellent news. Netflix has decided to renew the series! The live-action adventures of Iñaki and the Straw Hats will continue!”

When will we see season 2 of One Piece ?

Eiichiro Oda immediately warns that he “It will still take some time to prepare the scripts, so please be patient.”

He concludes by teasing the entry on the scene of another character from the comics in season 2 of One Piece : “It seems to me that the Straw Hats will need a great doctor… We’ll see!”, he says, signing the drawing of Tony Tony Chopper, who is none other than the doctor of Luffy’s crew in the mangas. It will therefore be introduced in season 2.

One Piece has dominated Netflix audiences for two weeks, with 37.8 million cumulative views since its release.

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