Farewell Vinyl: Isabelle Adjani and Mathieu Amalric in a sulfurous thriller

Farewell Vinyl: Isabelle Adjani rants after the release of the trailer

The actress is outraged not to see two other members of the cast appear in the trailer.

France TV unveiled the trailer (see below) for its next TV film Goodbye Vinyl a few days ago, and Isabelle Adjani is not happy. Indeed, the French star, who has the leading role in this thriller adapted from a novel by Boileau and Narcejac, is indignant at the lack of rigor of the trailer programmers because two of his casting partners are almost absent from the assembly. This is the actor Jerome Deschampsplaying a producer, and Jacques Bonnafféin the role of commissioner.

In an Instagram post, Isabelle Adjani shares two photos of his character in the presence of the two forgotten actors, detailing the situation: “How I regret in this trailer for “Adieu vinyl”, on the one hand the total absence of Jérôme Deschamps, a very important character of the producer, and on the other, the fleeting presence of Jacques Bonnaffé, a no less important character of the commissioner, who is not even cited. I don’t know if this is negligence on the part of France TV, but their demanding performance only deserves respect for both of these two actors. I hope that the programmers of this flawed trailer will not fail to apologize to them. With all my supportive camaraderie towards my partners. Isabelle Adjani.

Goodbye Vinyl is a police investigation in France in the 1950s, following the setbacks of Eve Faugère (Isabelle Adjani), a French song diva, caught in a love triangle between her husband Maurice (Matthew Amalric), famous composer to whom she owes her fame, and her lover Jean Leprat (Matthew Dessertine), his pianist. After Maurice’s tragic death, Eve receives mysterious vinyl records on which her late husband recorded macabre threats, as if he were coming back to haunt her from the dead.

Directed by the French TV veteran Josée Dayan (the count of Monte Cristo, Balzac, Wretched, The Cursed Kings), this TV film is inspired by the novel At a losswritten by Boileau and Narcejac. Goodbye Vinyl will be broadcast on France 2 on September 18, 2023.

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