Martin Scorsese says cinema culture is 'broken'

Martin Scorsese says cinema culture is ‘broken’

The director discusses his state of mind on new film consumption habits.

On the cover of Time Magazine, Martin Scorsese looks back on the writing process he went through for his new film Killers of the Flower Moon. With his co-writer Eric Roththey began to write a first version in which DiCaprio played the character Tom White, an FBI investigator. Scorsese finally realized that he was “making a movie about white men.

So he started from the beginning and decided to focus on the marriage between Ernest Buckhart and Mollie, an Osage. This plot was to be secondary in the first version, but Scorsese explain : “I was taking an approach from the outside, which worried me.” Eventually, DiCaprio plays Buckhart and Lily Gladstone plays Mollie. It is Jesse Plemons who takes the role of Tom White, who has become a secondary character in the plot.

The plot then becomes that of this mixed-race couple, a white man and a native-American woman, whose marriage is jeopardized because of the FBI investigation into murders that took place in the Osage community. This community arouses the jealousy of the whites because their land covers an oil deposit from which they derive immense profit.

In his interview for the Time, Martin Scorsese discusses his state of mind on today’s industry: “There should be a cinematic culture, you understand? But right now everything is fragmented and, in a sense, broken”, he said, referring to streaming platforms and new film consumption habits. He adds that when he was a child “Not everyone liked musicals. Not everyone liked westerns. Not everyone liked gangster movies or film noir. But back then, we just went to the movies.Killers of the Flower Moon will be released in theaters on October 18, 2023.

Martin Scorsese explains why he changed Killers of the Flower Moon’s point of view

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