Doctor?  : the good health of Michel Blanc (Review)

Doctor? : the good health of Michel Blanc (Review)

The actor is perfect in the role of a night doctor assisted by Hakim Jemili.

Released in theaters on December 11, 2019, Doctor? returns to free-to-air television this weekend. Precisely this Sunday at 9:05 p.m. on France 2. To see, especially if you like Michel Blanc.

It’s the Christmas comedy and the return to great form of Michel Blanc. With his dry tone and his deadpan delivery, the actor is perfect as a jaded doctor. From the opening scene, we are in the mood: SOS doctors, on Christmas night, faced with a family fond of organic and enveloping treatments, Serge the doctor shows very little empathy and a lot of annoyance in the face of a screaming baby. Is the Christmas doctor trash? The plot, well laid out by Tristan Séguéla and Jim Birmant, unfolds over the course of emergency consultations and dialogues with the voice of the switchboard (Chantal Lauby, perfect). An unexpected event forces him to team up with a young delivery man who is ignorant of medical matters.

We then have a series of crazy situations and successful misunderstandings. A special mention for the running gag with Franck Gastambide who says a lot about a society’s view of its different social classes. Doctor?nicely directed by Tristan Séguéla (the son of advertising executive Jacques Séguéla, already director of 16 years old or almost in 2013), also leaves plenty of room for moments of sincere emotion. It’s certain, the film is at the top of the French comedies basket, served by a perfectly complementary duo who reveal for the first time on the big screen the talent of stand-upper and YouTuber Hakim Jemili.

Doctor? – Michel Blanc: “It’s also a film about transmission”

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