“Don’t take away my eyebrows!”  Olivia Williams has bad memories of Friends

“Don’t take away my eyebrows!” Olivia Williams has bad memories of Friends

She played Felicity, Emily's maid of honor, during the double episode in London.

The new 100% Première Special Edition Friends (currently on newsstands) devotes two pages to the special episode filmed in London in 1998. One of the only times the production left the comfort of its Californian studio. On the spot, she recruited the British actress Olivia Williams to play Felicity.

We are in the finale of season 4 of Friends. Joey has the blues and wants to return home but will fall for the charm of Emily's charming bridesmaid, who likes it when he speaks to her about New York… Except that in reality, the filming didn't take place. didn't really go well for the actress, who revealed today to The Independent that she kept a memory “disturbing“from this experience:

“My God. Well, as an example, I was taken to the studio in a shared car with a wonderful actress whose character, I think, was called 'Old Woman.' She was distinguished and very talented. But at one point, a producer – who will remain nameless – just yelled at him: 'You're not funny!' And she didn't come back the next day, that was already somewhat alarming.”

Olivia Williams also explains that Friends was “a brand, and you had to adapt to the brand. You go to the makeup and hairdresser and they tell you it's this way and that way here, which basically meant getting all your eyebrows plucked. Literally all of them Even though I begged: “Please don’t remove my eyebrows, I might need them for another role!” So ​​yes, in a sense, that was it! was a bit of a disturbing experience.”

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