New images of Dune 2 in a new trailer for Japan

Dune 2 will finally be released sooner than expected

The release was postponed due to the actors’ strike, which prevented the successful promotion of the blockbuster.

This was to be the end-of-year event of 2023. But the strike in Hollywood decided otherwise. Without possibility for Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and others to promote Dune: Part II (banned by the actors’ union during the strike), Warner Bros. had decided to postpone the release, so as not to take any risks and naturally raise the stakes around its very dear blockbuster. Because the studios want to put all the chances on their side when they release such an important film. The Marvels has, for example, paid dearly for its lack of promotion.

Thus, the continuation of Denis Villeneuve had been postponed to March 15, 2024. But the strike being officially over, the casting of Dune 2 will have time to sell the feature film. Warner Bros. therefore benefits from the shift in Fall Guy, with Ryan Gosling, to fill the vacant slot and bring forward the release by two weeks. Universal has postponed the release of the adaptation of The Man Who Fallen from March 1 to May 2024.

Warner Bros. therefore takes back the slot and will come out Dune: Part II March 1, 2024 in the United States, or February 28, 2024 for France (date subject to confirmation).

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