Dwayne Johnson should return to the cast of Moana 2

Dwayne Johnson should return to the cast of Moana 2

The live action film in which he will star should be postponed.

The announcement Moana 2 for November 2024 took everyone by surprise. But Disney will assume its choice and urgently try to bring back Dwayne Johnson to the voice casting.

Would he have been in the originally planned animated series? A priori no. But Deadline confirms that Johnson, who voices Maui in the 2016 film, is in advanced discussions to return for the sequel. And the site specifies that things are on track. Dwayne Johnson should be in the voice casting of Moana 2.

On the other hand, it is less safe for the little one Auli’i Cravalho. The original singer of Moana is also under discussion, but a deal would still be far away.

It must be said that the actress is certainly upset about her non-selection for the live action film. Because before Moana 2the film Moana should have been entitled to its live action remake by Disney, for the big screen. The project is not canceled and will take place, but it will certainly be postponed with the imminent arrival of Moana 2 At the movie theater. And if Dwayne Johnson was called back to play Maui in the flesh, Auli’i Cravalho, she was rejected, Disney preferring another actress. Implied: she can do the voice of Moana, but she does not have enough physical presence to embody it. We understand that she doesn’t really want to return to the job of vocal understudy after that…

Deadline specifies that the live-action version of Moana – announced last year and scheduled for release on June 27, 2025 – will most likely see its date pushed back several months (years?), due to a myriad of factors: firstly, they haven’t yet started production, then Disney will spend all of 2024 selling Moana 2 with Dwayne Johnsonfinally, release two films Moana six months apart, this makes economic and industrial nonsense.

Remember that the stakes are high for the studio: Moana has grossed over $600 million and remains one of Disney’s favorite brands. The film was even the most viewed feature film in streaming in 2023, all platforms combined!

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