Emily in Paris reveals the date of its season 4 before leaving for Rome

Emily in Paris reveals the date of its season 4 before leaving for Rome

Lily Collins announces the end of Parisian filming and the start of her Roman vacation on Instagram.

Fans ofEmily in Paris finally know the date of their reunion with their favorite heroine! Lily Collins has just revealed in a teaser shared by Netflix on social networks, season 4 of the series will be revealed in two stages, with the first part put online on August 15, then the second on September 12. An announcement which comes while filming is not quite finished. The shooting in Paris is over, but Emily flew to Rome.

“Know that we have even more humor, fashion, and romantic twists in store for you,” teased Lily Collins mid-last year, in a video that announced a “unexpected turn” in season 4 ofEmily in Paris. “Don’t be surprised to see her taking it easy in Rome,” said the American actress again.

A destination that Emily's interpreter confirmed a few days ago on Instagram, in a publication where we see her on the Parisian quays in the company ofAshley Parkwho plays Mindy in the Netflix series. “When you are the first on the dance floor at the closing night of filming in Paris. Next stop: Rome!”, can we read in the caption.

A Parisian shoot which experienced many disappointments. Postponed due to the writers' strike, the production also had to adapt to the demands of the City of Paris, toughened in this year of the Olympic Games. Lily Collins' post should reassure fans: Emily will have had time to set foot on the cobblestones of the French capital before treating herself to her Roman vacation.

Moreover, the thirty-five-year-old actress immediately announced that she had arrived in the Eternal City via another series of photos posted on the same social network. We see him strolling around the Coliseum among the tourists.

This is not the first time that the young American has escaped from Paris. In the first season, for example, Emily goes to visit Champagne and accompanies Camille (Camille Razat) in his family castle. But this time, Emily drastically changes scenery! For the moment, it is not known how many episodes of Emily in Paris will be filmed in the Italian capital.

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