Robert Downey Jr. rejects criticism of Chris Hemsworth's Thor

Robert Downey Jr. rejects criticism of Chris Hemsworth's Thor

“Hemsworth is, in my opinion, the most complex character of all the Avengers,” says the Iron Man interpreter.

While the debate on “super hero fatigue” rages in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. launched another, still within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In full promotion of Furiosa: a Mad Max sagawhich will be presented out of competition at the next Cannes Film Festival, Chris Hemsworth returned to one of his most emblematic characters: Thor of Asgard.

In the columns of Vanity Fairhe thus admits to regretting the turn taken by his character in love and thunder, the fourth part of his solo saga. But he also took this opportunity to confide his disappointment in the face of the developments in his character within the Avengers itself:

“Sometimes I felt like I was a security guard for the teamhe confides. I read other people's replies and said to myself: 'Oh, they have way cooler stuff. They have more fun. What is my character doing?'. It was always a matter of saying: 'You have the wig. You have the muscles. You have the costume. Where's the lighting?'. Yes, I'm part of this big project, but I'm probably replaceable.”

Chris Hemsworth blames himself for Thor: Love and Thunder

In the same paper, his colleague and interpreter of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., expresses his disagreement. According to the recent Oscar winner, Thor is the most complex of the Avengers:

“First of all, adapting the character of Thor was very tricky – lots of implicit limitations – but Ken Branagh and found a way to transcend it, to make it both sympathetic and divine.”

Downey continues, convinced of the relief and nuances brought to the character of Thor by the Australian actor:

“Hemsworth is, in my opinion, the most complex character of all the Avengers. He has wit and gravitas, but also restraint, fire and gentleness.”

A comment that he concludes by qualifying Chris Hemsworth's performance in Ragnarok, Infinity War And Endgame of “great tip of the hat”.

Once an Avenger, always an Avenger! Robert Downey Jr. proves once again that the bonds formed by the superhero team have transcended the screen. It remains to be seen whether Downey's Iron Man and Hemsworth's Thor will one day be able to meet across a galaxy…

In the meantime, Chris Hemsworth will be appearing in Furiosa, in theaters on May 22. Robert Downey Jr. can be found in The Sympathizermini-series created by Park Chan-wook for HBO.

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