Euphoria: the third season will be even darker

Euphoria: the third season will be even darker

Sam Levinson, the creator of the series, reveals his project for season 3 as well as the evolution of the character of Zendaya.

After two seasons focused on tragic subjects, the third season ofEuphoria promises even more darkness. Sam Levinson explain (via She) that he wants to direct the next season towards a “Film Noir” universe. The series would focus more on the character of Rue, embodied by Zendayawhile “explores what it means to be a principled individual in a corrupt world”.

For her part, the actress explains that she seeks roles that push her out of her comfort zone: “I’m getting old, I can’t play teenagers all my life”. We will soon find her on the poster of the sequel to Dunesthen in Challengersby Luca Guadagnino, which is expected to be released in 2024.

A season referred to as “Film Noir” might assume a turn toward the investigative format, though the creator hasn’t given any specifics on that. In the first two, Sam Levinson addressed the themes of addiction, sexuality and trauma in a very aesthetic visual universe.

Nowadays, Euphoria has been nominated for twenty-five Emmys and received nine, including two for Zendaya in the category “Oustanding Actress in a Leading Role”. The third season is expected in 2025having fallen behind due to the writers’ strike.

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