Everything we learn from the poster making the Fantastic Four casting official

Everything we learn from the poster making the Fantastic Four casting official

We know in what era the new adaptation of the famous Fantastic Four will take place.

The rumors had been circulating for months, and Marvel finally put an end to the speculation by posting a poster on Wednesday evening, for Valentine’s Day, revealing the identity of the new Fantastic Four who will integrate for the first time the MCU with a release planned for cinemas on July 23, 2025 in France.

From left to right, Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Bear) will be Ben Grimm / The Thing. Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things) will play him Johnny Storm / The Human Torch. Vanessa Kirby (Napoleon) will play her sister, Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman. And Pedro Pascal her husband Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic, the leader of the band.

But that’s not the thing we learn from this poster. Its retro style is not insignificant. And it clearly indicates at what time this third version of the Fantastic Four (after the two films from 2005-2007 and the reboot from 2015). This time, our heroes should not be transposed to the present day. They will evolve in their original context, the 1960s.

As soon as the poster was put online, Internet users did not fail to note that the magazine read by Ben Grimm is a copy of life with President Lyndon Johnson on the cover. An issue which dates precisely from December 1963. It was around that time that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created the Fantastic Four (precisely in November 1961), the first superhero team from Marvel Comics which immediately enjoyed immense success and launched an entire universe.

This poster could be a simple nod to the good old days, but placing this film in the 1960s seems logical when we know that Matt Shakman is the director. On the series WandaVisionhe had a blast taking us back to the 1950s, like Madame is served. Bring a retro touch to this new version of Fantastic Four could bring a breath of fresh air to the MCU while reconnecting with the spirit of the first Captain America.

But what about the continuity with the other films? Marvel ? At a time of the multiverse and jumps in time, we can count on Shaman and his screenwriters (Josh Friedman and Cameron Squires) to find us a pirouette that will propel Fantastic Four in the present, which would justify their absence so far in the MCU. Finally, all this reminds us of Doctor Strange’s joke when he meets Reed Richards (John Krasinski version) in The Multiverse of Madness : “Fantastic Four? Were you not known in the 1960s?

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