First look at Jadis in the new Walking Dead series

First look at Jadis in the new Walking Dead series

She will reunite with Rick and Michonne in The Ones Who Live.

Finally, we will find Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira in the new series The Walking Dead which will be released in 2024. This spin-off titled The Ones Who Live will tell what happened to the sheriff after he left in a helicopter during season 9 of the parent series. It was Jadis who exfiltrated him at the time to the Civic Republic. And she will still be there in the future.

Pollyanna McIntosh will thus become the first star of the casting to play in three series Walking Dead different. Jadis had in fact already reappeared in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, in 2021. She was then an adjutant of the CRM, now an outspoken villain and ready to do anything, even turn against her allies if it benefits her. So which Jadis will we see in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live ?

This new series takes its story to crazier and unexpected places” tease the showrunner Scott Gimplein a preview published by EW, with this first shot.

Pollyanna McIntosh explains that she knew very early that she would return: “That was always the plan, because we want to see Rick, right? The question I’ve been asked the most in my life for four and a half years is: What did you do with Rick?”

The actress confides that, in The Ones Who Livefans will recognize Jadis from World Beyond. “She holds the position of Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes. She still works with the Civic Republic and the Civic Republic Army. She is therefore a devoted fan of CRM. But it is not limited to its function. And the old Jadis that we knew and who tried her best – but lost several times – is still there, somewhere, underlying and going against the grain…”

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will be broadcast on February 25 in the United States. We do not yet know who will broadcast in France.

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