Foundation: the end of season 2 explained, hoping for season 3

Foundation: the end of season 2 explained, hoping for season 3

David S. Goyer teases the entry on stage of the “Mule” which will destroy everything in the sequel… if it is ordered by Apple.

The great SF series adapted from Asimov has just completed its season 2, on Apple TV + (and also in France on Canal +). And Foundation once again had a surprise in store for fans. Spoiler alert!

In the last episode, Salvor was unexpectedly killed by a young Mentalic, still under Tellem’s mind control. She took a bullet intended for Gaal and the showrunner David S. Goyer reveals to TVLine that this twist was not supposed to happen until Season 3 of Foundation, which will advance the story around a mysterious Mentalic and warlord known as “the Mule.”

“I knew at the beginning, when we wrote Season 2, what was going to happen to Bel and Hober, and Salvor’s disappearance was something we had planned for Season 3 initially. Salvor was to die at the hands of the Mule at the end of season 3…” But after reviewing the scripts, moving the drama forward seemed like the strongest creative choice. Much to the actress’s displeasure Leah Harvey.

The actress explains that her character’s death was “a pretty radical thing… You never really expect it as an actress. But hey, at least everything was clear from the start of filming and I was able to have a blast. I think Salvor leaves a major impact on the series and on the characters. It will live on, just like in the books.”

For Goyer, killing Salvor also shows that no character in Foundation is not safe. “The audience is expecting this character to potentially die at the hands of the Mule (like in the books), and so she certainly won’t die in season 2. So it’s exciting to change things up and surprise . That’s not the only reason we did it, but it’s a nice bonus. No character has an eternal shield.” For the showrunner, this also proves that the series “is not set in stone. So, even with the arrival of the Mule, humanity has a chance.”

The Mule actually appeared briefly in the final seconds of the finale, teasing his entry into season 3 of Foundationwhich has not yet been ordered by Apple, but which has already been written, according to David S. Goyer. He specifies :

“He’s super scary. He’s much more powerful than Tellem. When Asimov created (the Mule), he was a character who shook up all the codes. This will also be the case in the series, when the Mule will really make the story in Season 3. As crazy as the ending of Season 2 was, Season 3 is even crazier. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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