Why did Michael Keaton's Batman retire in The Flash?

Tim Burton furious after seeing Michael Keaton and Nicolas Cage in The Flash

The filmmaker regrets that the studios can do what they want with the works: “I am in silent revolt against all of this.”

His appearance was short (and quite ugly), but he had the merit of giving a funny wink to all the Superman of DC across the multiverse. For a second, The Flash crosses the path of Nicolas Cage in fashion Man of Steela nod to the aborted film by Tim Burton, Superman Lives. Indeed, in the heart of the 90s, after the success of Batman, Warner Bros. entrusted a new film Superman to the filmmaker. The project ultimately did not come to fruition and will remain a failed pop-culture myth.

“I don’t regret not being able to make this film at all.“, Burton comments today during a recent interview with the British Film Institute. “On the other hand, I will say this: when you work on a project for so long and it doesn’t happen, it affects you for the rest of your life. Because these things excite you, and every project is an unknown journey, and we hadn’t yet arrived at our destination. But it’s an experience that never leaves you.”

So when Nicolas Cage appeared in The Flashin a CGI cameo, fighting a giant spider as the multiverse begins to collapse, Tim Burton had difficulty digesting. As much as the return of Michael Keaton in the skin of his Batman. He thus gives his opinion on this recent trend which consists of reinventing films or characters:

“I’m a little disgusted with the studios. They can take what you’ve done, my Batman or whatever, and twist it culturally, or whatever you call it. Even though you’ve been a slave to Disney or Warner Bros for years, they can do whatever they want (with your work). So, in my last years of life, I am in silent revolt against all this.”

We do not know exactly how this revolt translates, but Tim Burton clearly didn’t like it The Flash.

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