French box office: already 5 million admissions for Barbie and Oppenheimer!

French box office: already 5 million admissions for Barbie and Oppenheimer!

The Haunted Manor, Les Déguns 2 and La Main feature in a top 10 in great shape this week. (Source: Le Film Français).

Barbeheimer greatly boosted admissions for the month of Julyrevealed the CNC yesterday, stating that several records had been broken during these 31 days. Mission: Impossible 7, Elementary, Indiana Jones 5 And Miraculous also did well in France over this period. They are also all gathered in the top 10 of the week, with good scores. In total, 4.7 million admissions were recorded in 7 days, which is a good hold after the 5 million – very rare – of the previous week.

Barbenheimer is also wreaking havoc at the French box office

Barbie is the film that is doing the best, with 1.2 million additional tickets collected in 737 theaters. In a fortnight, Greta Gerwig’s comedy is already approaching 3 million. Just after, Oppenheimer won nearly a million new tickets spread over 668 cinemas, i.e. 2.1 million over the same period. Between them, these two blockbusters therefore bring together nearly 5 million curious people in just 15 days.

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1 completes the podium thanks to 408,684 more spectators moved in front of 1034 screens, the largest distribution of the moment. In three weeks, the new thriller with Tom Cruise has attracted 1.8 million people in theaters and should cross 2 million like its predecessors: No. 3 stopped just below in 2006 and the first opus is the most big success of the saga with us with 4 million admissions.

Elementary, the new animated film from Disney-Pixar studios, follows with 297,057 countermarks exchanged in the sixth week. If he did not shine at the start, his maintenance in the top 5 is impressive: already 2.3 million people have seen him in France this summer. Same phenomenon in the rest of the world, where it broke no record when it was released, but is gradually approaching 400 million dollars in revenue.

Three novelties then start: The haunted mansion, a new adaptation of a very popular Disney attraction, twenty years after a failed version with Eddie Murphy, attracted 288,762 curious people in 537 theaters. French comedy The Deguns 2 It follows closely with 271,518 admissions without counting its previews, otherwise it is just ahead of it by crossing the 300,000 ticket mark. The horror movie The hand starts in 9th position thanks to 187,507 tickets sold in 250 cinemas. Between the two The Dial of Destiny And Miraculous won approximately 200,000 additional tickets in the 5th and 4th week, ie 2.6 and 1.3 million admissions in total.

The drama Green Algae closes the top 10 with 71,408 spectators moved in front of 568 screens, i.e. nearly 300,000 people in three weeks. It’s the only film in the ranking not to pass 100,000 admissions this week, but this Haut et Court production is holding up well against all these summer blockbusters.

French weekly box office from July 24 to August 1, 2023:

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