French box office: Barbie and Oppenheimer stand up to Gran Turismo

French box office: Barbie and Oppenheimer stand up to Gran Turismo

The two films share a month of reign, leaving no chance for novelties. (Source: French Film)

Same refrain since their release in mid-July: all the new releases after the “Barbenheimer” start in third place or higher. Barbie And Oppenheimer have maintained the pole for four consecutive weeks, recording respectively 4.439 and 3.359 million admissions. They have boosted the French box office upon releaseand their success has not been denied since!

In detail, Greta Gerwig’s film lost only 34% of its attendance after one month of operation, which represents 620,000 tickets sold in 1,017 theaters. The distribution of Christopher Nolan’s thriller was also increased, rising to 1,031 cinemas, which enabled it to add 467,000 admissions to its counter.

Barbie already enters the top 3 of 2023 in France, just behind the 4.6 million countermarks exchanged by Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom. Super Mario Bros. maintains a certain distance thanks to its 7 million entries.

Gran Turismo therefore starts after them, obtaining a place on the podium thanks to 382,349 curious people moved to 620 cinemas. It’s just enough to overtake another American blockbuster: In very troubled waters, starring Jason Statham. This one manages all the same to cross the million in fifteen days.

Two other novelties join the ranking this week: the animated film Ninja Turtles: Teenage Years is fifth thanks to 281,644 spectators moved in front of 679 screens, and French comedy We apologize for the inconvenience completes the ranking by attracting just 100,000 curious people in front of 351 screens.

Among the continuities, Mission: Impossible 7 And Elementary will be among the successes of the summer in France with more than 2 million admissions each on the clock.

Finally, note that if they no longer appear in the top 10, Yannick And Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra are working well. The first cumulates a little more than 200,000 admissions in the second week, which places it just behind Incredible but truethe greatest success of the career of its director, Quentin Dupieux, and the re-release of Alain Chabat’s cult comedy has passed the 400,000 admissions mark.

French weekly box office from August 9 to 15, 2023:

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