From Grace: brutal trailer for Arte's thriller at the port of Le Havre

From Grace: brutal trailer for Arte’s thriller at the port of Le Havre

Dark atmosphere between the containers, within a family of dockers led by Olivier Gourmet.

Presented a year ago in competition at the Séries Mania festival in Lille, the series Of Grace finally arrives on Arte. A French thriller that takes us into the bowels of Le Havre, into the world of dockers, into a family that is tearing itself apart against a backdrop of drug trafficking.

Carried by an exceptional cast, led by Olivier Gourmet And Margot Bancilhon (interpretation prize in Lille), De Grâce will be one of the French series not to be missed at the start of the year. The trailer promises a dark atmosphere as desired.

The synopsis: “Dockers at a port: faced with the thousands of containers that pile up every day on the docks, their silhouettes do not weigh much. From this image of the fragility of men caught in the relentless mechanics of globalization, the creators of De Grace have created a tragedy. This one slips under the appearance of a thriller, taking as a backdrop the drug trafficking which insidiously mixes with the flow of goods in the major European ports – a traffic which has become uncontrollable, representing billions and increasingly exploiting individuals . The respectable patriarch of the Leprieur clan clings to his values, but the seeds of discord are there: buried secrets and settling of scores are the instruments of fate that weighs on this seemingly united family.…”

Created by Maxime Crupaux and Baptiste Fillon, and directed by Vincent Maël Cardona, Of Grace Also included in the cast are Panayotis Pascot, Pierre Lottin, Philippe Rebbot and Xavier Beauvois.

The series has 6 episodes to watch on from January 31 to March 15, 2024 and which will be broadcast in two evenings on Arte on Thursdays February 8 and 15.

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