Garance Marillier sets up her schemes in Rue des dames (trailer)

Garance Marillier sets up her schemes in Rue des dames (trailer)

The actress revealed in Grave is starring in the new film directed by the rappers of the group La Rumeur.

Hamé Bourokba And Ekoué Labiteytwo rappers belonging to the group La Rumeur, release their third project, Ladies Streetafter the series Ink (2010) and the film The Last Parisians (2017). In this new social thriller, mixing committed drama and criminal film, Garance Marillier (Severe ; Marinette) responds to Sandor Funtek (Supremes).

Mia (Garance Marillier) is a young employee of a nail salon whose daily life is turned upside down when she learns that she is pregnant. She urgently has to find a new apartment while her boyfriend Nabil (Brahim Bettayeb), recently released from prison, struggles to make ends meet. She will then fall into an infernal spiral by setting up a scheme involving the clients of the salon, private parties and a famous footballer. But Yohann (Sandor Funtek), a young cop, watches her closely.

The trailer presents the film as a punchy project, with a frenetic pace and centered on those left behind. It highlights a naturalistic image characteristic of social films and Garance Marillier continues to expand its range of characters after its revelation at Julia Ducourneau. The film promises to be a visual continuity of the music of La Rumeur, portraying urban poverty. Ladies Street will be released in theaters on December 13, 2024.

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