Good news for One Piece fans: we know where season 2 is

Good news for One Piece fans: we know where season 2 is

The scripts are already ready and filming for the sequel could begin in a few months.

The spectacular beginnings of One Piece leave little room for doubt: even if the series is expensive to produce, Netflix should soon officially order the sequel. Variety even announces that the producers – through Marty Adelstein, CEO of Tomorrow Studios – have already completed the scripts for this possible season 2 and are ready to start filming.

What release date for season 2 of One Piece on Netflix?

Even more, the producers of One Piece are confident for a rapid dissemination of the next ones. “It would be ready to be broadcast“in a year, either late summer or fall 2024, if all goes well.

A forecast which nonetheless remains very optimistic, knowing that the strike is still underway in Hollywood and that filming is almost all at a standstill. Tomorrow Studios president Becky Clements is already in the starting blocks and promises that once she is allowed to resume production on One Piece Season 2 will begin.

“Realistically, we hope to be able to broadcast the sequel in a year, if we move forward very quickly with filming. It’s a possibility. Let’s say between a year and 18 months… That’s the time frame in which we estimate that we might be ready to return to the air with season 2 of One Piece.”

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