“We wouldn't film that nowadays”: the Saved by the Bell star's regrets

“We wouldn’t film that nowadays”: the Saved by the Bell star’s regrets

Former sitcom star Mark-Paul Gosselaar revisits several storylines that still embarrass him today.

Time has passed and Bayside is no longer in the game. Not at all. So that Mark-Paul Gosselaar made amends today, not proud of everything that his character of Saved by the bellZack Morris, did during the heyday of the series.

He admits to being ashamed of a specific plot, “a story in which I more or less prostituted Lisa Turtle (played by Lark Voorhies), charging people who had the right to kiss her… and without her consent”the 49-year-old actor recalled during a recent podcast. “It was a complicated storyline to take on and since then we’ve even had to preface the episode by saying, ‘We don’t tolerate this.’

The episode, titled “The Lisa Card”, was the third episode of the sitcom’s first season. But another episode causes embarrassment Mark-Paul Gosselaar : in season 3, “Zack calumet”, the young hero pretends to be of Native American origin for a class project!

“Seeing Zack Morris with an Indian headdress on his head is terrible and we should have been more aware of things. There are clearly things that we wouldn’t film that nowadays… and rightly so , it was inappropriate and fortunately we have evolved as human beings.”

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