Grease, Star Trek Prodigy…Paramount withdraws several series from its catalog

Grease, Star Trek Prodigy…Paramount withdraws several series from its catalog

Four initial low-grossing titles will officially leave the platform, with more expected to follow in the coming weeks.

Paramount is about to clean up its catalog. After Disney + which saved 1.5 billion at the beginning of the month by separating from titles that have become heavyweights, the platform born in 2021 is following the movement.

But then, which series will disappear? Obviously the least profitable. To start with Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladieswhose story takes place four years before the cult film released in 1978. The series which highlights the formation of the group of Rizzo, Jan, Marty and Franchy is already under the carpet after a first season broadcast in April.

Eventually, Star Trek: Prodigy won’t have a sequel either. The animated series had however been renewed for a season 2 in November 2021, and it will go well until the end of its production, only it will be refourguée to another buyer. The familiarization of the youngest with the universe of Alex Kurtzman will therefore continue, but elsewhere.

Queen of the Universe will also have reached two seasons before being abandoned. The Drag Queens competition just unveiled its last four episodes on June 22. But no time to lose, the show will be withdrawn from June 30. Finally, for a return of The Game, it’s also no. The sitcom centered on a team of professional footballers facing racism will not have a season 3.

These four series will not be the only ones to be canceled or withdrawn. It will be necessary to expect other sacrifices in the coming weeks. Paramount will merge with Showtime in the United States on Tuesday. Obviously, it was time to withdraw some programs, and reduce the taxes that go with them.

“We are refining our content offering to provide the best experience to our subscribers. This is completely consistent with our strategy since the launch of the platform, which ensures that we make smart choices based on audience figures (…) We want to thank the incredibly talented teams as well as our partners for their work and their dedication to these programs. We wish them the best for their future projects.,” a Paramount spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter.

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