Heat 2 is in preproduction reveals Michael Mann

Heat 2 is in preproduction reveals Michael Mann

Filming could begin this summer.

We don't yet know who will star in it. But Heat 2 is in the starting blocks. A year after the book's release, Michael Mann pass the second post-Ferrari. The filmmaker will direct a prequel sequel to his 1996 classic.

During an interview for France Culture, Michael Mann revealed to be in full pre-production of Heat 2. And he confides that, judging by the piles of papers on his desk, it will be “very clearly” his next film.

The filmmaker puts the final touches on the scenario which he describes as both “ prequel and sequel » while awaiting a potential filming around next summer and a speculated release around December 2025. But nothing is official yet.

On the casting side, the presence ofAdam Driver, to play a younger version of Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) has still not been confirmed.

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