Ducobu goes green in the new film dedicated to France's most famous dunce

Ducobu goes green in the new film dedicated to France’s most famous dunce

Ducobu acts as an environmental activist in this new feature film by Elie Semoun, accompanied by Gérard Jugnot…

It’s back to school in Saint-Potache. For this new year, Ducobu pulls a new idea (or stupidity) out of his hat. He plans to take a year off to save the planet. Which is also a good excuse to skip school! This is without counting on the surveillance of Latouche, who does not intend to let himself be led for a ride once again. Cheater, coupled with an eco-friendly, all means are good to avoid school.

After 4 parts on the dissipated student, the fifth opus promises to combine the traditional bad student with a current issue, to say the least, the preservation of our planet. Is he sincerely involved in the cause or is he taking advantage of a good excuse to once again sow discord in the school?

Elie Semoun plays Latouche and directs for the third time an episode in the saga of France’s most famous dunce. He brings together in his comedy Gérard Jugnot, Emilie Caen, Frédérique Bel, Caroline AngladeAnd Damien Pauwels in the shoes of this new Ducobu.

Ducobu goes green! will be released in theaters on April 4.

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