House of the Dragon will indeed have the right to a season 3

House of the Dragon will indeed have the right to a season 3

Even before the broadcast of the second one which is approaching, the HBO channel announced the renewal of the series A Thousand and One Dragons.

D-4 before being able to prove his loyalty to his side. Team Green or Team Black? Aegon II or Rhaenyra? Season 2 of House of the Dragon is fast approaching and if fans are impatient to know what happens next, they can already rejoice to know that their favorite series has just been renewed for a third season. An announcement made by the American channel a few days before the broadcast of the first episode of this new season, a guarantee of the success of the little sister series of Game Of Thrones. As a reminder, approximately 29 million viewers gathered to watch each episode of season 1.

According to VarietyFrancesca Orsi, director in charge of HBO programs, reportedly declared:

“George (editor's note: George RR Martin), Ryan (editor's note: Ryan Condal) and our incredible executive producers, our fabulous cast and our crew have reached new heights with this phenomenal season two. We are impressed by the considerable effort that has been deployed by the entire team to create a spectacular Season 2 with a breadth and scope matched only by its heart. We couldn't be more excited to continue the story of House Targaryen and see this once again. team to shine for a third season.”

What will this third season tell? Although for the moment we do not know what the second will consist of, this news gives us some clues. First of all, this coincides with the absence of a time jump as was the case in the first season. Thus, season 2 will take its time, slowing down the pace allowing some major events to be saved for season 3. For example… No, no spoilers! If you want to know more, you can refer to the book Fire and Blood, by George RR Martin, on which the series is based.

For the actor playing Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney), there's a chance that future seasons will detach themselves from the novel, however. Interviewed by Esquirehe stated: “The books are the basis of where we’re going from a narrative standpoint, but things have been changed up a bit.”

In an interview with ReverseRyan Condal, the showrunner, declared:

“We know where we're going in Season 3, we have a good plan and we know the path to get there.”

The Dance of Dragons will most certainly continue in the third season. And with all the events taking place during this pivotal period in the history of Westeros, it's not any worse.

While waiting to find out more about season 3, the second season of House of the Dragon will be available in France on June 17 on Max and will consist of eight episodes.

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