Emma Stone in Valérie Damidot mode in The Curse (photos + video)

Emma Stone in Valérie Damidot mode in The Curse (photos + video)

The actress hosts a home renovation show with her husband Nathan Fielder for Benny Safdie. But everything doesn’t go as planned…

This summer, Benny Safdie revealed a first image of his series The Cursewhich he created without his brother Josh (with whom he won acclaim for Good Time And Uncut Jem). Just before unveiling its first episodes at the New York festival, which will take place from September 29 to October 15, Showtime shares a few photos, plus a first teaser for the film.

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We also find the director as an actor (as in Oppenheimer, by Christopher Nolan, this summer): here he plays the producer of a reality TV show in which a couple, played by Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder, are responsible for renovating houses in New Mexico. This actor, acclaimed for the HBO series The Rehearsal, is also the co-creator of this concept with Benny Safdie. As for Emma Stone, she could be making noise again after receiving a shower of praise for Poor creaturesby Yorgos Lanthimos, at the Venice Film Festival.

She appears in these first images in construction overalls, helmet on her head and protective glasses on her nose, in the process of demolishing a wall with her husband or, always at his side, on the verge of observing the construction plans. a house.

Like Valérie Damidot in the heyday of D&CO on M6, she will therefore be responsible for renovating/redecorating homes. Its goal ? Transform them into eco-friendly housing. Except that in addition to the renovation aspect, the show also focuses on the couple formed by Stone and Fielder, who are struggling to have a child, by filming them 24 hours a day. A reality TV concept reminiscent of real American shows such as Total Rénovation (Fix Upper), broadcast since 2013 and presented by Chip and Joanna Gaines, husband and wife, whose personal relationship is scrutinized on screen.

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In this fiction, the show is called Flipanthropyand everything is not going to go as planned: Benny Safdie suggested that his character would have things to hide, and the synopsis specifies that by trying to become parents, the two hosts are “victims of a strange curse”. Hence the title The Curse.

The teaser doesn’t say much more about this concept, except that it immediately creates unease, with its phrase about the sun being able to start fires, repeated by Emma Stone in front of the camera during the filming of their show. In the background, a neighborhood fire truck suggests that a real fire has caused damage. In the house they are responsible for renovating? By their fault? Response from November 11, broadcast date of The Curse on Showtime in the USA and Paramount TV+ in France.

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