If Dune 2 keeps its release date, it will have priority in IMAX theaters over The Marvels

If Dune 2 keeps its release date, it will have priority in IMAX theaters over The Marvels

The boss of IMAX does not believe in the postponement of the film by Denis Villeneuve in 2024.

Since the actors joined the screenwriters at the heart of the Hollywood strike, it has been rumored that several blockbusters expected at the end of 2023 will in fact be unveiled to the public in 2024. Among the potential postponements, the title of Dune – part two has been cited, but nothing has yet been confirmed by Warner Bros, which officially leaves it on November 4 in the USA (and the 1st in France).

If it keeps this date, it can be shown exclusively in IMAX-equipped theaters in the United States, as Oppenheimer Right now. An agreement between the studio and the company creating these larger than average screens would allow Dunes 2 to have priority over The Marvelsfrom Disney Studios, which will be released a week later.

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Richard Gelfond, the boss of the IMAX company, indeed mentioned this competition during an internal meeting on their turnover, relayed by comic book : Dunes 2 will have a long period of IMAX, five or six weeks”, he says. Which will go far beyond the output of The Marvels of November 10. “I really don’t think it’s going to be pushed back”he added about the blockbuster from the Frank Herbert saga, which was shot in IMAX unlike its superhero competitor. “At that time, there will be another big movie: The Marvelsand we won’t be able to offer it in IMAX because we will be engaged with Dune.” If ever Warner decides to postpone Denis Villeneuve’s film to 2024, “then we’ll fall back on this one, he acknowledges. Besides, having a Marvel as a plan b, it’s not the worst position there is.”

Right now it’s Oppenheimer who makes a box in this format. Having obtained a three-week exclusivity, to the great displeasure of Tom Cruise who was only able to enjoy the IMAX theaters for seven days to Mission: Impossible 7, Christopher Nolan’s film will finally be broadcast for a month. It could then be offered to the public again in IMAX in the fall. Before the release of Dunes 2logically, or six weeks later?

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