In A Zone to Defend, François Civil and Lyna Khoudri play opposite each other again (excerpt)

In A Zone to Defend, François Civil and Lyna Khoudri play opposite each other again (excerpt)

It is on Disney + that you will find the already very familiar duo Lyna Khoudri / François Civil.

Lyna Khoudri And Francois Civil are the headliners of the third feature film of Romain Cogitore (Our Resistances, The Other Continent), and not just any: the first original French Disney+ film. The bet seems to be winning; a production company (Chi-Fou-Mi Productions) which has had a string of successes lately (BAC Nord, The Song of the Wolf…) and a flattering cast for the French film market on streaming platforms. The director does not hide it:

“Disney+ is the ideal platform to promote the film in France and internationally.”

The complicity of the two young actors is likely to break through the screen again, no longer in the skin of D’Artagnan / Constance (The three Musketeers), but in that of Greg, an undercover officer of the DGSI, and Myriam, an environmental activist: the forbidden passion of a meeting at the antipodes, in the heart of the ZAD, a little more rebellious, but just as attractive. Which shouldn’t be a problem for the duo that has become essential, accustomed to romantic scenes, perhaps less to those of espionage.

François Civil and Lyna Khoudri reunited for A Zone to Defend: Trailer

Announced as a “romance against a backdrop of protest movement”, the melodrama promises to be a film of resistance and commitment. Tension that we already feel in one of the first excerpts unveiled, where we infiltrate our turn into the intimacy of this nascent couple that everything opposes. When the exemplary nature of a police lieutenant on a mission finds himself threatened by the mystery and temptation of a committed young woman. Romain Cigatore seems to handle genres as well as the choices of his characters:

“François Civil and Lyna Khoudri are a duo of opposites, each has an energy in contrast to the other.”

Waiting for the release of An area to defend July 7 on DisneyPlus :

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