In Back to the Wall, Sam Worthington is to die for (critical)

In Back to the Wall, Sam Worthington is to die for (critical)

C8 offers you this evening “a captivating thriller by dint of being totally implausible.”

At 9:08 p.m., the eighth channel will offer Back against the walla thriller carried by Sam Worthington in the shoes of an ex-policeman, who has meanwhile become a wanted fugitive, who stands on the cornice of a building of several dozen floors and is about to jump into the void. An experienced negotiatorElizabeth Banks), psychologist, will try to make him listen to reason. But the more their negotiation progresses, the more the young woman has suspicions about the true intentions of the suicidal person.

When it was released in 2012, three years after the actor’s explosion in Hollywood thanks to Avatar, Premiere had a good time in front of this film with twists. Here is our review.

“The fight of an individual against a corrupt system, a New York autumn photographed in a raw and realistic way… A few months later The Heist of Central Park, Back to the Wall confirms contemporary nostalgia for Sidney Lumet’s great 70’s thrillers. The screenplay of the film, based on pretenses and cascading twists, would rather be eyeing the side of the Inside Man by Spike Lee.

Aware of his inability to match the urban fever of his predecessors, the newcomer Asger Leth prefers to craft from these ingredients a pure Saturday evening entertainment, fueling energy and assumed modesty, and ultimately very captivating by dint of to be totally implausible. Sam Worthington takes the opportunity to confirm his status as the super hope of the American cinema of tomorrow. In the role of “the man on the ledge” (“man on a ledge”the original title), it is to die for.”

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