Isabelle Huppert will star in the next Dario Argento

Isabelle Huppert will star in the next Dario Argento

“I am happy to finally make this film with him,” declared the actress during a press conference.

Isabelle Huppert announced during a press conference at the Lucca Film Festival (via Chaos Reigns) that she was part of the cast of the next film of Dario Argento. She was the guest of honor at the festival to receive a lifetime achievement award.

The actress explains that the film is going to be made but that it is delayed because of an injury to the director. Dario Argento broke his femoral neck following a bad fall. However, the project “has been ready for a while”. Something to reassure fans of the Italian horror master.

This project will succeed Black glasses, released in 2022 on the American platform Shudder (and currently available on Canal+). Isabelle Huppert remains discreet about the project, but it seems that the film is a remake of a classic of Mexican cinema from the 1940s. She concludes: “I’m very happy to make the film with him, he’s such a strange and original director, but for now I can’t say anything more.

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