Jake Gyllenhaal flexes his abs in first Road House images

Jake Gyllenhaal flexes his abs in first Road House images

Amazon Prime teased some photos of the remake in its new 2024 trailer.

Jake Gyllenhaal is not his first attempt at action films, and even less so at combat films. After Rage in the stomachreleased in 2015, where he played a boxer, the actor returns with his muscles flexed for the remake of Road Housedirected by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow). Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal in an MMA complex were leaked a few months ago on social networks, showing him revealing his muscles and entering the octagon.

The original film dates from 1989 with Patrick Swayze in the role of a brawling but handsome bar bouncer. The pitch of the new version of Doug Liman is similar except that its main character is a former UFC champion, hence the leaked videos of Jake in an octagon. Besides, the MMA superstar Connor McGregor is part of the cast, alongside Billy Magnussen (Dying can wait).

The plot is set in Florida, so we have every right to expect neon nights and floral shirts. A short extract reveals Jake Gyllenhaal attacking multiple opponents at the same time, demonstrating his talents as a martial artist. Road House will soon be released on Amazon Prime Video.

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