James Cameron is not preparing a movie about the Titanic submarine

James Cameron is not preparing a movie about the Titanic submarine

The director has denied rumors that he is preparing to make a film about the tragedy of the Titan.

The British Tabloid The Sun recently published an article containing surprising statements: we learn that the director james cameron reportedly in negotiations with a major streaming service to make a drama series based on the destruction of the titanic. The submersible, baptized Titan, had disappeared from radar in the Atlantic Ocean, leading to the death of the five people on board who left to explore the wreckage last month. James Cameron was quick to speak about the circumstances of the tragedy.

James Cameron outraged after tourist submarine disaster near Titanic

According to “an anonymous source” close to the project, the director ofAvatar would have been asked to bring the drama to the screen, making this promise: “Retracing the history of the passengers of the Titan would be a colossal undertaking, but a great deal of time, money and resources would be devoted to it”. Always according to The Sun, it would have been “natural” for James Cameron to take up this subject which “is close to his heart”, he who made the sinking of the famous liner one of the greatest successes in the history of cinema. A few names of actors approached for the casting even slipped in, such as Matt Damon And Kumail Nanjiani.

In a rare speech on social networks, the director very quickly denied the false information which he describes as “offensive rumors”, in a firm and insistent tone: “I’m NOT in talks for an OceanGate movie, and I never will be.”

Is Hollywood really going to take overOcean Gate? What we are now sure of is that it will not be to its director (passionate explorer of the seabed) that the potential cinematographic project will be entrusted.

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