Jean Dujardin reveals the cast of the Zorro series in photos

Jean Dujardin reveals the cast of the Zorro series in photos

With Gregory Gadebois in the role of Sergeant Garcia.

The rider who emerges out of the night will have the head of Jean Dujardin. But who will play the other cult characters in the new series Zorro ?

Via his Instagram account, Jean Dujardin revealed photos of her castmates in period attire. To start with Salvatore Ficarra. The Italian actor will play Bernardo, the famous mute servant of Don Diego de la Vega.

André Dussollier will play his father, Don Alejandro de la Vega, whileEric Elmosnino will be the evil Don Emmanuel. Above all, Audrey Dana will play the beautiful Gabriella de la Vega while Grégory Gadebois will reprise the cult role of Sergeant Garcia, an idiot soldier who never manages to get his hands on the people's masked hero

The official synopsis states:

“In 1821, Don Diego de la Vega became mayor of his beloved city of Los Angeles, which he intended to make prosperous. However, the municipality was faced with financial problems due to the greed of a man of local affairs, Don Emmanuel, in the face of whom the mayor's powers prove insufficient to combat injustice. Diego has not called on his double Zorro for 20 years. But in the name of the general interest, he has not no other choice but to bring out his mask and his sword. Very quickly, Diego will encounter difficulties reconciling his dual identity as Zorro and mayor, which puts a strain on his marriage to Gabriella, who is unaware of his secret. Diego Will he be able to save his marriage and his sanity amidst the chaos?”

Series Zorro will first be available on Paramount+ in France, UK, Italy, Germany and LATAM. France tv distribution is handling sales for all other territories and is then expected to broadcast the series for free in France.

It will be released by the end of the year.

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