Jennifer Garner will return to play Elektra in Deadpool 3

Jennifer Garner will return to play Elektra in Deadpool 3

The actress hasn’t played at Marvel for nearly 20 years…

But in what multiverse are we still going to be carried around? After Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier in Doctor Strange 2after Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man in No Way Home or Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flashbehold Deadpool 3 will intersect with early Marvel movies, those before Iron Man (2008), the avengers and the MCU.

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Jennifer Garner will be in the cast of Deadpool 3reprising the role of Elektra, the famous warrior of Marvel, which she had embodied for the studio 20th Century Fox in 2003 (before its acquisition by Disney) in the film Daredevil worn by Ben Affleck. Boosted by its popularity ofA.k.ashe then headed her own solo spin-off, Electra, two years later. Both films were huge flop and the characters were carefully buried…until today.

Because the arrival of this Elektra in Deadpool 3 indicates that the film will be about the multiverse. Indeed, the sai killer already exists in the MCU. The French Elodie Yung played the character in many episodes of the series Daredevil from Netflix. And when charlie cox became the Daredevil official Marvel Cinematic Universe after No Way Home And she hulk, Elodie Yung became, de facto, the official Elektra of the MCU. Knowing that this third opus will include Dead Pool in the Marvel universe, the presence of Jennifer Garner in the casting necessarily suggests a collision with another parallel universe!

This is certainly also what will explain the return of Hugh Jackman in the skin of Wolverine, when he was dead in Logan in 2016. The filming of Deadpool 3, directed by Shawn Levy, is currently underway. Released in cinemas on November 6, 2024 at the cinema.

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