Margot Robbie hosted a sleepover with all the Barbies before filming

Margot Robbie hosted a sleepover with all the Barbies before filming

The actress also organized “pink days” every week on the set.

It’s a way like any other to weld a cast before an important shoot. So that all barbies from the movie Barbie be osmosis during production, Margot Robbie – also a producer and very involved in the development of the project – organized a pajama party with her fellow actresses who play the others barbies in the feature film.

Margot was awesome. She held a slumber party with the other Barbies before filming began.”recount Simu Liu in People magazine, which states that the Kens were not invited: “We were allowed to visit them quickly or call them to say hello. So we made sure to show them our support without imposing our presence.”

Issa Raewho plays the role of President Barbie in the movie, missed the slumber party because she came later in the cast. “I was really bummed I missed that! But hey, we did a whole bunch of other group bonding stuff. Margot was also throwing movie nights with her husband, Tom (Ackerley).”

And Ryan Gosling says that Margot Robbie hosted a “pink day” for the cast and crew: “Once a week everyone had to wear something pink. And if you didn’t, you were fined. And so Margot would walk around backstage collecting the fines and she would donate them to charity. What was really funny was how excited the male crew members were about the pink days. At the end of the movie, we all got together and, with our own money , we had pink shirts made with rainbow fringe.”

The film Barbieof Greta Gerwigwill be released on July 19 at the cinema in France.

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