The film that... by Famke Janssen

The film that… by Famke Janssen

The famous Jean Gray of the X-Men tells us about the films that marked her.

Before becoming a mutant among the X-Men, Famke Janssen had played in goldeneye in 1995. On the occasion of the broadcast of the film this evening on France 2, First immersed himself in his archives to make you discover the films that marked him.
We met him in 2013, for the release of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunterof Tommy Wirkola.

The movie that…

… Makes you laugh?

This damn truthof Leo McCareyin which Irene Dunne And Cary Grant are getting divorced. I love the night-clib scene. The new companionIrene Dunne arrives from Oklahoma and Grant discovers that she is going to move there, among the rednecks. But as he begins to list for her what she won’t see again (“When a new store opens, I’d say to myself: “She’s very lucky, she’s far from all that.“”), she drops him to join her man, who leads her in a cowboy dance in the middle of the couples who twirl in a very elegant way. Hilarious.

…Makes you cry?

Tender Passions, of James L. Brooks. Every time I see him, I burst into tears. The story of this young woman who is dying of cancer knowing that she will not see her children grow up and that her husband is cheating on her. How can we resist? But the art of Brooks goes beyond pathos: it is above all a wonderful family chronicle led by Debra Winger.

… Are you scared?

shining. The moment when Nicholson walks into the bathroom and sees a naked woman opening the bathtub curtain gives me chills just talking about it. The elevator scene, the tricycle scene, the ice maze… The imagery of Kubrick has a power that we don’t find much today, except perhaps in some Asian filmmakers. It’s pure staging that leaves room for the imagination. The biggest scares come from there.

40 Years of Hollywood Blockbusters: GoldenEye (1995)

…Would bring you back to Europe?

A prophet ! Whether Jacques Audiard call me – for any role, in any movie – I’m leaving the United States immediately. I think he has a really unique vision of the world and an amazing way of directing his actors.

… Made you jealous of its director?

happiness therapy. But it must be said that I am very fond of everything that David O.Russell. I also love fighter. I would also like to sign any film of the brothers Coen.
What interests me, basically, are works that aren’t afraid to change tonality, that go from drama to humor and then to melodrama. Actually no, well, I take back everything I just said. The film that I would have liked to direct is The ownerof Hal Ashbyprecisely for all these reasons.

… Made you want to move on to directing?

The Impossible Mister Babyof howard hawks. Incidentally, the title of my first production, Bringing up Bobbyis an explicit reference to the original title of this film (“Bringing Up Baby“). I am obsessed with the feature films of Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, James Stewart
I love 70s cinema, but the classics of the 30s had a freedom of tone and a madness that I never found again.

… Won’t leave your DVD player?

lolitaof Stanley Kubrick. I’m a fan. It’s been ten years since I’ve seen it, but at one time, I watched it over and over. It’s twisted, it sparkles with sadness, despair, and it’s incredibly well acted.

The trailer of goldeneye :

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