The Fallout series gets an impressive first trailer

Jonathan Nolan presents the Fallout series: “We talked a lot about The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

The creator of the post-apo show reveals the influences of the series.

The hit video game series falloutcreated by Todd Howard, is adapted into a serial format by Jonathan Nolanthe creator of Westworld. The games are multiple-choice RPGs, in which the player must evolve in a post-apocalyptic world following a nuclear holocaust. You have probably already seen Vault Boy, the game’s mascot, a little survivalist, logo of the Vault-Tec company building the fallout shelters in which the population takes refuge.

Interviewed by the media Empire, Jonathan Nolan explains that the series will tell “what happens when you outsource the survival of the human species.” This is already a cynical trait present in the original games, with the Vault business and its advertising campaign highlighting the aspect “heavenly” of its bunkers.

We can expect his adaptation to take up this dark humor. “In the same way that M*A*S*H (a film by Robert Altman) talks about Vietnam through the prism of the Korean War, we talk about the mess we are in today through the prism of… ‘What if everyone got involved and destroyed the fucking world?’” explains Jonathan Nolan.

The first images of the Fallout series are released

By his side, Geneva Robertson-Dworet (screenwriter on Captain Marvel), Lisa Joy (Westworld) And Graham Wagner (Sneakers) oversee the smooth development of the plot which will follow three main characters: Lucy (Ella Purnell), an inhabitant of a bunker deciding to go out and explore the surface of the ravaged world; Maximus (Aaron Moten), an elite soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel, fanatical warriors; and The Ghoul (Walton Goggins) a completely disfigured lone cowboy.

We talked a lot about Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” explains Jonathan Nolan to talk about the influences of the series. “These are three characters looking for a treasure chest, so we wondered ‘What is gold in this world?’ he adds.

fallout will be available on Amazon Prime Video from April 12, 2024.

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