William Lebghil is Agnès Jaoui's son in The Life of My Mother (trailer)

William Lebghil is Agnès Jaoui’s son in The Life of My Mother (trailer)

Julien Carpentier directs his first feature film, an intimate family drama.

My mother’s life is the first feature film of Julien Carpentierwhich chooses to tell the complex relationship between a mother and her son. William Lebghil plays the role of Pierre, a successful florist who sees his life undermined by his mother Judith, played by Agnes Jaoui.

The trailer implies that the character of Jaoui suffers from psychiatric disorders and needs treatment, but her impulsive temperament makes life difficult for her son. Pierre for his part tries to remain patient but we are teased that if the two characters really want to get together, they will have to learn to listen to each other.

Awarded at the Angoulême Festival, the film tells a tender family story, with its joys and sorrows. Alison Wheeler And Salif Cisse are also part of the cast. My mother’s life will be released in cinemas on March 6, 2024.

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