Gladiator 2: Ridley Scott reveals why he chose Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal definitely doesn’t want to become a star with Gladiator 2

“Will more people stop me in the street?” The actor is afraid of becoming an “instagramable” star…

Even though he was nominated for an Oscar (for Aftersun), even though he starred in a successful series (Normal People), Paul Mescal isn’t really a Hollywood star yet. But that could change later Gladiator 2. For the first time, the 27-year-old actor will headline a blockbuster opposite Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washington. And that worries Paul Mescal !

“I don’t know exactly what this will change for me. Maybe I’m a little naive? Will there be more people stopping me in the street?” asks the Irish comedian in Times UK, about his future fame. He insists:

“What is certain is that I would be deeply depressed if that were the case! I hope it doesn’t. I’ll see next year, but if this film impacts my life in that way , then it will be difficult for me. I should move on and do something stupid that no one will want to see…”

Because Paul Mescal doesn’t play to be a star or have followers on social media. He takes his art”very seriously” and wonders: “Why do we do this job? What is the point ? This scares me very much. Acting should never be about how many followers you have on Instagram...” Even more, he regrets a drift in the industry:

“In recent years, people talk about movies and shows as content. It’s a dirty word I think. It’s not ‘content’, it’s fucking work. I’m not a snob, but there are two competing industries. The one who works with a lack of care and artistic integrity, doing anything to gain Instagram followers or whatever… And the other, who has always been there, is “that’s the craft of filmmaking, directing, lighting and production design. It keeps the artists alive. And the audience wants that.”

Nevertheless Gladiator 2 will necessarily be a bit of both. Russell Crowe became a superstar after playing Maximus, even winning the Academy Award for Best Actor. Paul Mescal is likely to receive the same attention, 25 years later, playing Lucius, his son…

Gladiator 2 is scheduled for November 22, 2024 in theaters. Connie Nielsen will return to play the sister of Commodus and former mistress of the hero, mother of Lucius.

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