This Stranger Things teen wouldn't have come out without the show

This Stranger Things teen wouldn’t have come out without the show

“Will helped me to accept myself,” admits Noah Schnapp.

Will Byers will play a central role in season 5 of Stranger Things. And it’s not Noah Schnapp who will complain. The young actor owes a lot to his character, personally and professionally. Because he came out this year, in the wake of season 4… where Will also came out!

Schnapp reveals to Variety that Will’s realization on the show made him realize that he himself was gay and that prompted him to come out of the closet:

“Once I fully understood that Will was gay, it quickly infused me and it was only a matter of time before I accepted it for myself. I would be in a completely different place in my life, if I didn’t have Will to play. If I hadn’t been able to embrace who he is. Will helped me accept myself. I think if I had never played this character, I would be probably still in denial.”

Noah Schnapp came out in a brief video on TikTok, but before that he confided in his best friend, Millie Bobby Brownlittle Eleven from Stranger Things :

“I tried for a long time to come out in person with her, but it was too difficult…So I told her the truth on FaceTime, while I was in a store: ‘Millie, I’m gay And with her English accent, she replied: ‘Oh, Schnapper! You finally told me!’

Stranger Things is currently blocked by the writers’ strike. The final season is due to begin filming very soon.

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